Sony Announce Release Date For ‘Passengers’ Starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence | Film News


If you were to ask people, who the two hottest in-demand actors in Hollywood right now, I presume most people would say Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence so it’s no surprise they will soon be teaming up for the sci-fi romantic drama Passengers. With Pratt succeeding in the new Jurassic World franchise and Lawrence about to finish her Hunger Games series, they have caught the hearts of many and come across as extremely likeable!


Passengers is based onboard a spaceship delivering mass populations of humans to a distant planet as Earth has become no longer inhabitable, traveling in special pods passengers remain the same age as they travel on the 60 year journey. However problems arise when a man’s sleep pod malfunctions and he wakes whilst still travelling, he must decide whether to grow old alone or wake someone else up for the rest of the journey.


The film will be directed by The Imitation Game director Morten Tyldum showing he can bring out great performances from his actors. Sony announced a December 21, 2016 release date for the movie, vying for Christmas box office positions, as well as being in a prime position for award season consideration.



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