Sony Sets Dates For Two Spider-Man Universe Movies In 2020 | Film News


Sony Pictures have revealed two new dates for movies from their Spider-Man universe that still does not contain Spider-Man, both set for 2020. The first is an untitled Sony-Marvel project set for July 10, 2020, while the second is an untitled sequel looking at an October 2, 2020 premiere. Sony did not confirm what titles will be occupying those spots, so it’s time for some speculation!


The first title is likely Morbius, as Safe House director Daniel Espinosa has already signed on to direct the vampire action drama, with Jared Leto potentially making the jump from DC to Sony to take on the titular role. The Morbius character first arrived in 1971, and in the comics, is a scientist seeking a cure for a rare blood disease.


However, he’s also looking for retribution from the person who cursed him with the disease. Throughout his comic book run, Morbius has been presented as both hero and villain, so it will be worth tracking how Sony will portray the character.


The untitled sequel set to hit cinemas in October of that year is most likely a Venom sequel. In just a few weeks of release, Ruben Fleischer‘s strange action-comedy(?) starring Tom Hardy reeled in an impressive $570 million, with a very strong showing in China. Despite less-than-stellar reviews, the film proved to be a good launching pad for Sony’s curious Spider-Man universe plans.


Obviously this Sony universe remains strange because Spider-Man is currently a Marvel property and thus, can’t appear (although there are confusing legal rights that could lead to something down the line, but who knows at this point). However, if Venom can stand on his own, and if the Morbius film can have similar success, Sony won’t really mind. 2020 is an important year for them though.



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