Sophie Hunter Returns With New Single ‘Ketamine Breakfast’

After releasing her debut single “Nudes In My Bedroom” in late May, Brooklyn-based Sophie Hunter is back with a brand new single entitled “Ketamine Breakfast”, it also arrived with its music video.

“Ketamine Breakfast” is the second of four singles that will be released by Sophie Hunter this summer. It is a song that was written in a k-hole at 8 in the morning last summer, it became a fierce banger about loneliness, addiction and longing.

About her single Sophie Hunter explained: “ It’s an emo trap banger about the futile search for a lasting high. During Covid, I got addicted to ketamine and ended up losing my most important friendships. With no one left to turn to, I said fuck it and went to a studio for the first time. I’ve been clean ever since. Making music has been turning my life around, day by day – this song is a dispatch from the darkest depths.

“Ketamine Breakfast” is quite short – with only 1’54 minutes – but you will listen to it more than once. With a captivating melody and rhythm, Sophie’s voice is taking you with her in her world.

According to Sophie Hunter, she is making music for the end of the world. Originally from Connecticut, she grew up surrounded by white boomer hits of the 70s and 2000s pop-rap. She has performed slam poetry for over a decade before having the courage to sing an original song in public.

The world collapsed in 2020 and it was Sophie’s case too. She went through addiction, revenge porn and loss but she always continued to write music. The first four single she is releasing this summer are each a distinct dispatch from a year that could have been her last. She said that bringing these songs to life for an audience brings her life, too.

Watch the video for Sophie Hunter’s latest release entitled “Ketamine Breakfast” here:


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