YXL Ayo Releases New Track ‘Gold’ Featuring Mahjigh

UK artist with Nigerian origin YXL Ayo has just dropped a new glimpse from his anticipated EP titled Ibukun with his brand new single “Gold” which is featuring the rapper Mahjigh.

With this single, YXL Ayo has returned to his Nigerian roots – something that is present on his project – and is delivering us an Afro-funk/R&B track.

It is a soft and sentimental track where both artists are talking about their imperfect experiences in relationships.

“Gold” is the fifth title of YXL Ayo’s EP Ibukun which was released on June 9. The title translates to blessed/blessing from Yoruba – a native language in Nigeria.

With this project, YXL Ayo has been able to show range and versatility. He displays some soft and sentimental tracks as “Gold” and goes to moody ‘bad boy’ with tracks like “Fimile” and “Bite My Tongue”. On this project, YXL Ayo also showed that he was restrained to only one genre of music.

YXL Ayo is a UK artist of Nigerian origin, he is a part as well as being the leader of the creative group Young and Living (YXL). It is a collective he created back when he was as University, he recruited artists such as YXL Trev, YXL CJ, YXL Lynx and Sabre 77.

YXL Ayo isn’t restricted by one music genre and loves to combine his Nigerian heritage with British R&B and Hip-Hop sounds. With YXL, he wants to bring something different and enticing to the UK scene.

Listen to YXL Ayo’s brand new single “Gold” from his EP Ibukun here:


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