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Hip-hop is more than just talking about money and cars to the Los Angeles based artist Soulllfoo. It is a means of raising youth’s awareness on social subjects through his uplifting tracks. His debut single “Love To Love” is an act of dropping wisdom served in a total fresh soundscape, enough to catch the bewildered attention of young audiences.


Right from the start, the beat kicks in and the rapid funky tempo paves the way for the addictive rhythm to take over. The verses are covered with deep flowing rapping parts that are embellished with synth and electronica elements.


All these lead up to a sweet soulful verse, which reminds us a bit of the 00s R&B. The track as a whole is catchy and glides so easily through the timeline without realizing, that you will just have to play it on repeat.


Soulllfoo prefers to observe the ongoing events in his surroundings while expressing the way his microcosmos is affected. One of the most intense moments of his life has been when his 3-year-old niece was lost by gun violence. This was when the hip hop musician felt complete absence of a sane soul. Luckily, he managed to flip this up and produce conscious rap music.


With his Conscious Cable EP right in the corner, this emerging talent is working non stop to produce brand new quality material and prepare for his live debut album performance. Keep an eye on your streaming platforms for his mindful and perspective tracks.


Listen to “Love To Love” here:




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