South African Singer Cece Vee Drops Second Single ‘Wild Hearts’ | Music News


South African singer Cece Vee recently released her second single titled “Wild Hearts” and its music video. The second song follows her grand debut track “Dysfunctional” which arrived at the top of JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist in 2020.


The song is all about being adventurous, living your life, being fearless as she explains, “Whether you are present and living through these moments, or looking back at your best times and drawing inspiration and hope from these experiences, there is always a feeling of euphoria that makes you feel hopeful and unstoppable […]“.


Escaping and having a few nostalgia moments is what the song wants us to feel. To make this happen the singer mixes the drums with electric guitars to give a funky touch to it, while using her pop voice to give it a modern feel. And in her chorus she sings, “Wild Hearts, I don’t want to grow up, I just thought we live forever“, so we can really feel the nostalgia kicking in.


Cece Vee is a rising star in South Africa, with her multiple talents, as being a singer, a drum, and a guitar player, she is already marking local music charts. With her indie-pop music style, the vibes coming out of both her singles are making her style even more particular.


The music video was directed by Joshua Cookson, it takes place in a deserted area where the group of girls with Cece, is desperately trying to go somewhere, to go on an adventure. And the other main scene takes place at what seems like a stage, where we see Cece and another girl playing the drums and the electric guitars.


Cece Vee is only making her debut and we can already tell she will be a singer to listen to in the next few months, so let’s lookout for this new talent that is proving herself more and more to the music industry.


Watch the music video here:




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