South Carolina Artist And Producer Isaia Huron Shares New Song ‘Honeydew‘

US singer, songwriter and producer Isaia Huron has shared his new song “Honeydew” with us with her very soothing voice that we could listen to for hours. The rhythm of the instrumentation is also very soft and pleasant to listen to.

In his father’s church in Greenville, South Carolina, Isaia Huron first encountered the power of music and discovered the process of songwriting.

When Isaia, a popular touring drummer who was making a name for himself as a solo artist, moved his music career to Nashville in 2018, these early memories would follow him.

As a singer, songwriter, and producer, he simultaneously focused on developing his own style, improving his abilities, and gaining confidence.

Isaia’s debut EP, Three, which was released in 2020, featured his powerful vocals and demonstrated his acute ear for fusing sensuous R&B with catchy pop lyrics, particularly on standout hit “Loving You Is A Mountain.”

Later that year, he released Libbie, a collection that included some of his earlier songs as well as the hits “Somehow I Knew” and a rendition of “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber.

Isaia focused exclusively on reviewing his earlier works last year as a technique to develop his craft. The upcoming LIBBIE 02, which was recorded in less than a week towards the end of 2022, is what resulted from this contemplative process.

Even though Isaia is still an emerging star, he has already received early endorsements from artists like Drake, Justin Skye, and 6lack, who helped promote his single “Teenage Fever” at the beginning of the year.

Listen to “Honeydew” below!


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