Montreal Singer-Songwriter December Rose Shares New Track ‘Everyday’

Montreal singer-songwriter December Rose is back with her new single titled “Everyday“. It’s a song full of energy and a great vocal talent that the singer shows, to deliver a beautiful song with a real meaningful.

“Everyday” is an affirmation song about being greater than the sum of one’s struggles and suffering, according to December Rose, who also deals on issues of abuse, domestic violence, and how life may make us grow a thick skin in both the song and the music video.

The lessons December has learned from her kickboxing experience served as the basis for the song’s message. According to her, “The training triggered this idea for me about how we take on criticism, judgement, abuse, violence, mistreatment, etc. from people in our everyday lives. How it beats and bruises our confidence, morale, and sense of self-worth”.

She also adds that, “One of the biggest lessons I took away from my kickboxing coach was to control my anger with grace. That’s when I started to understand that I am still free despite how I am treated because freedom starts in the mind”.

With producer and songwriter Steve Galante, who has previously worked with Andrea Bocelli, and Kool & The Gang, December Rose worked to complete the song after already sketching out some of the lyrics by herself.

December enjoys experimenting with new ideas and infusing them into her work to keep it fresh and interesting.

Listen to her new track “Everyday” below!


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