South East London Rapper Tee Peters Releases New Single ‘Pressure’

South East London Rapper Tee Peters is making soulful, conscious and chill music in order to help his listeners to love themselves more, trying to bring us new music every month.

Tee Peters just released a brand new single “Pressure”, in this high-pressure culture the single came just in time. On this song, he worked with the producers James Cliff and Nahom. “Pressure” try to reach out and relate to the people who are working extra hard whether on their body, mind or career.

Over this epic work of instrumentation, Tee Peters brought new London artist Derrin to write the song and then sing it. “Pressure” is the second track of this year that is featuring Derrin’s vocals, he also appeared on the backing vocals of the song “Morning” that was released a week before.

“Pressure” is a soft lo-fi song and you can choose while listening to it, either to zone out to vibe to the rhythm of the song or to zone in and take in the lyrics of Tee Peters and Derrin. Whatever your choice is, you will be transported by the song.

Tee Peters has roots in videography as well as a background in marketing for brands like Spotify and Amazon, in 2018 he put all this behind him to begin what he calls ‘Working Season“. In 2020, he released his debut collaborative project Seadons Vol.1 with some single featured in different Spotify’s official playlists.

With his project, he tried to touch as many people as possible from the Mayor of London to young children in war-torn countries where he and his fans had raised money to help cover their expenses during COVID-19.

As he has begun Year 3 of Working Season, Tee Peters expects monthly new music, collaborations as well as much more positively driven moments from his journey.

Listen to Tee Peters last collaboration with Derrin, James Cliff and Nahom for “Pressure” here:


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