Ruby Francis Shares New R&B Single With ‘Jasmine’

London-based producer, singer, songwriter, and keyboard player Ruby Francis has dropped a new single, entitled “Jasmine” it is also a new glimpse of her upcoming album. “Jasmine” has been entirely self-produced and it conveys her vocal talent as well as her impressive musicality.

The song title “Jasmine” is coming from a made-up name of a girl that she, as a character, has never met. Even though she never met her she fell in love with her online and became obsessed with in secret; idolizing and fantasizing about life together in reality.

About the story told by the song, Ruby said: “This was the first time in a song I was able to play a character to explore the theme of infatuation.

The instrumental and the melody of the single have been influenced and inspired by The Neptunes – which are a massive source of inspiration to Ruby, this created a vibe of passion that is described by the song: the obsession for a girl she never met.

Ruby Francis is born from a Jamaican/British father and Italian/British mother and she was raised in North London. She took an early interest in music as her father introduced her to some of her earliest influence, being a bass player himself – he performed in numerous musical bands in the ’80s and ’90s – and her mother also loved music.

Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, and Level42 inspired Ruby to enrol in piano lessons at the age of 10, this lead her to find her voice. After that, she regularly sang, arranged harmonies and started experimenting songwriting around 11.

In her late teens, she moved into music production and established herself as a cutting edge music producer in London but she gained recognition around the world and mostly in Japan. It is there that she exclusively released her debut album in 2018 under the Japanese Label Sweet Soul.

She is now sharing her time between London, LA and Japan and she is still continuing to produce and write for other artists yet still gaining attention for her solo releases. She will release an album this year.

For now you should listen to Ruby Francis new single “Jasmine” here:


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