South Korean Songwriter And Producer Rebenn Unveils New Single ‘Rotten On The Inside’

Renowned songwriter and producer Rebenn collaborates with lyricist and singer Eiza Murphy for the release of their new single, “Rotten On The Inside” on May 21, 2023.

The introspective track explores the complex societal dynamics in the digital age, prompting listeners to ponder if society has indeed become “rotten on the inside”.

In the era of social media, where likes and followers are often equated with worth, “Rotten On The Inside” critiques the pursuit of uniqueness and individuality.

As we strive to portray a perfect life online, we often find ourselves stripped of our genuine identities and self-esteem. The fixation on virtual validation cultivates anxiety and a sense of being lost in the labyrinth of social media.

South Korea’s Rebenn, a certified ABRSM pianist and producer, exhibits an expansive musical range, from classical music to contemporary pop. His diverse exposure, gained through his travels to Japan, New Zealand, and South Sudan, has honed his artistry.

His interaction with a local student in South Sudan made him realize that beyond high-tech instruments and grandiose studios, impactful music primarily lies in the narrative and lyrics.

With his consistent presence and growing popularity on various editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, Rebenn has achieved remarkable success with only a handful of songs since his debut.

His noteworthy collaborations include featuring on Korea’s leading animation studio channel GH’S and a remix project with Sony Music. These achievements forecast a promising future for Rebenn, positioning him as one of the world’s most sought-after producers and songwriters.

Dive into “Rotten On The Inside” by Rebenn below.


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