South London Rapper FLN Shares New Track ‘Siren‘ Featuring MOSES

Following their recent collaboration, South London-based rapper FLN and emerging vocalist MOSES have treated their listeners with the stirring track titled “Siren”.

This imaginative musical composition draws inspiration from Greek mythology, weaving parallels between mythical sirens and the complexities of modern relationships.

The track, under the masterful production of solo.otto, has made quite an impression, amassing considerable acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Originally, FLN composed the song with a different chorus, which was reshaped upon sharing it with MOSES. MOSES, touched by the song, enriched it further by integrating a harmonized chorus, thus elevating the song to a new level.

The final version of “Siren” resonated deeply with both artists, fostering an instant and intuitive creative bond. The track, brimming with captivating melodies, beguiling lyrics, and mesmerizing performances, has won the hearts of its listeners.

“Siren” has been celebrated across the music scene, earning widespread admiration from both connoisseurs and fans. Through this track, FLN and MOSES have crafted a sonic tapestry that highlights their unique talents and impeccable synergy.

While the possibility of future collaborations remains a tantalizing mystery, both FLN and MOSES continue to dazzle audiences with their exceptional artistic capabilities. Their distinct chemistry, as demonstrated in the success of “Siren”, has left fans eager and excited for their next shared venture.

Delve into the enchanting soundscape of “Siren” by FLN and MOSES below!


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