West London Artist Flash Provoke Unveils New Single ‘Life Of The Party’

West London artist, Flash Provoke, a rising talent known for his deft integration of Nigerian heritage with London culture, is celebrating the release of his long-awaited single, “Life Of The Party”. The artist’s fresh persona comes to life in the new release, marking his triumphant return after a two-year break from the music scene.

Previously known for his alt-rap style, Flash Provoke demonstrates a shift towards the vibrant sounds of the diaspora in “Life Of The Party”. The track’s inspiration comes from his personal experiences during nights out, embodying his reputation as a spirited and dynamic individual.

Starting his journey with freestyling, Flash Provoke now explores his multifaceted talents as both a vocalist and lyricist, culminating in this melodious and rhythmic single.

“Life Of The Party” reflects a reinvented Flash Provoke, whose music now strongly embraces values of family, culture, and self-expression. Clear influences from renowned artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Wretch 32, Skepta, and Ghetts can be heard, interwoven into a captivating mix of drum-infused textures, harmonious melodies, and smooth lyrics.

From an early age, Flash Provoke was immersed in music. The echo of Fela Kuti and Duncan Mighty filled his childhood home, with church choir rehearsals and freestyling sessions with friends serving as his training ground. After nearly a decade in the music scene, Flash Provoke is ready to fully embrace the sounds of the diaspora, infusing his London upbringing with his Nigerian roots.

The artist shares, “As Afrobeats is one of my favorite genres of music, it seemed like it was only right to tap into my heritage and origin, as my sound is authentically evolving.”

Flash Provoke’s new music reflects his deep love and respect for the women in his life, including his mother and sisters. He strives to embrace and uplift women through his music, and his culture and religion play significant roles in his creative process.

With a unique style, Flash Provoke plans to release a rich discography showcasing the diversity of African sounds he deeply appreciates. His new track, “Life Of The Party”, is a smooth and sensual offering that promises to become a summer sensation. Displaying an unwavering resolve to succeed, Flash Provoke is determined to make his mark in an industry he was born to conquer.

Listen to “Life Of The Party” below!


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