South London R&B Singer Amia Brave Returns With ‘Sweet Love’ | Music News


South London artist Amia Brave has officially dropped her new single titled “Sweet Love”, along with an accompanying music video. The producer of the track is 30 Hertz, who has also worked on productions such as Queen Naija’s “Medicine”. The track is very melodic and sensual and she says it is “a sweet love song that makes you want to fall in love”.


Both the track and visuals are of high quality and the track should be a success for Amia Brave, who comes on the back of her contribution to “Peng Black Girls” by Enny, which has millions of streams. Her newest offering “Sweet Love” is already on its way, with support from Plus1 Radio and No Signal Radio.


The track is very romantic, talking about loyalty and giving your heart to the person you love, with lyrics like, “Don’t ever let me go. If you love me let me know. You know I keep it real when I’m with you. Hop in the ride. You hit the gas then we blast off. You break the lights. Zoom zoom like Nascar. Ain’t got a license so our love is like a crash course. And you’re driving me wild baby”.


Give it a listen right below:




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