South London Singer Raelle Shares Her New Track ‘Falling’

South London artist Raelle has just released her latest track “Falling,” a beautiful and soft song that is pleasant to listen to. The instrumentation is well done, with small percussions in the background adding rhythm to the melody.

In “Falling,” Raelle recounts the night of the fall, detailing her movements, dialogue, and actions that ultimately shattered her. The chorus of “Where Did You Go, and What Did I Do” conveys a tale of betrayal and manipulation while expressing feelings of uncertainty, blame, and heartache.

The dark orchestral piece effectively portrays the intensity of the emotions being conveyed. Raelle’s experience of being betrayed by those closest to her left her falling into a pit of grief, confusion, and loss. She felt like her entire life had been a lie, as someone who is supposed to love and care for you shouldn’t injure you while claiming to act in your best interests.

This was not a small matter, and Raelle’s world crumbled in front of her until she had nothing left to hold onto. She felt completely lost once her confidence was betrayed.

Overall, “Falling” is a powerful track that will resonate with listeners who have experienced betrayal and heartbreak. Raelle’s smooth vocals and the well-crafted instrumentation make it a beautiful and moving song that is definitely worth a listen.

Listen to Raelle’s latest release, “Falling,” below and immerse yourself in the emotions conveyed by the talented artist.


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