South Wales Artist Aderyn Releases New Single ‘Yearning’

“Yearning” is the introspective and romantic new indie ballad from South Wales artist Aderyn.

Before her quest into music, she grew up in a sheep farm in Brecon Beacons, and at the age of 16, she left that place to pursue her career as drummer in a grunge band. She played drum for many successful singers but that was not sufficient to achieve her dreams and she unleashed her potential by following the dream to become an indie pop solo star.

Her way of expressing the love of all ages made the people fall in love with her music and she won hearts across pop music. Recently, Aderyn grew occupied with expressing herself outside of the usual pop soundscape, and has delivered a new indie sound in her new song.

“Yearning” is easily winning attention because of its strong instrumentation, from the effortless minimal guitars to the cello arrangements to the drum patterns, pulling the listener’s heartstrings. Moreover, the voice of Aderyn also holds our attention

Speaking about how the song came together, Aderyn says, “I wrote this song on the floor of my childhood bedroom in lockdown. It is a song that encapsulates the feeling of pining for someone. That exquisite, aching pain. It was the first time I’d felt that way about a girl, and this is without a doubt the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in a song. All those feelings were so new, so raw”.

Listen to “Yearning” below:


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