Sports Luxe Brand Speedway Launches Pop Up Store In Covent Garden – June 1 – June 14 | Events


Hugely popular British Heritage Sports Wear brand Speedway are relaunching their iconic and high end collection with a Pop up store right in the heart of Covent Garden for two weeks only. The store will be popping up on the 1st until the 14th of June, so do not miss out on the opportunity to view these amazing pieces. You can also view the new collection on the online store which is now live on


This unique and fresh brand is made exclusively in England, and this new and essential collection will be produced in the same factory where the previous collection was created. The factory has used the same techniques to produce the very best garments for over 100 years and will now be the manufacturer for Speedways future collections. The brand was launched in 1986 with a line of sportswear that went on to be a massive success all over the UK, Speedway was the hottest luxe sportswear brand of the 80s/90s and was even sported by the major celebs of the era including Kyle Minogue, Madonna, Cher and Take That.


The brand became famous for its supreme comfort, quality, and trend, and now the new line has redesigned its original hero pieces with contemporary cuts, styles and colours, while remaining true to its unique and signature high-end sportswear look. Now with the re-launch of their new collection, Speedway have extremely high hopes for the future success of the brand, and are inviting you down to be a part of the new beginning and to share the experience with them.




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