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It’s not new to hear people oppose UK Prime Minister David Cameron‘s policies, but Squeeze found a creative way to do so. On The Andrew Marr Show (January 10), Cameron was one of a few guests to make an appearance and discuss current affairs. At the end of the show, Squeeze played everyone out with “Cradle To The Grave” but made a change to the third verse.


Vocalist Glenn Tilbrook sang: “I grew up in council housing / Part of what made Britain great / There are some here who are hell-bent / On the destruction of the welfare state” before casually transitioning to the final chorus. Incidentally, Cameron was only a few feet away.


With Britain in the midst of a welfare reform and Cameron’s recent plan to tear down and upgrade high-rise council flats, these are just a couple of things that Squeeze could be referring to. Watch the performance below:




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