St. Vincent – Fast Slow Disco | Music Video


Indie-pop, guitar-queen musician St. Vincent has just unveiled the music video for her track “Fast Slow Disco“.


The track is an upbeat, pop remix of her song “Slow Disco” out of her last album Masseduction. The original version had a heart-tearing, gut-wrenching melody accompanied by a violin base and St. Vincent’s smooth and delicate vocals.


The lyrics are a self-deprecating look into today’s relationship and the feeling of being disconnected from your partner, with St Vincent aptly singing “Am I thinking what everybody’s thinkin’?/I’m so glad I came, but I can’t wait to leave/Slip my hand from your hand/Leave you dancin’ with a ghost”.


The American singer, whose last album was received with a general critical consent despite St. Vincent’s departure from her more rock-infused previous work, has decided to remix the track and rename it “Fast Slow Disco”. She worked on it with the Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, who has produced her album Masseduction as well as Lorde‘s Melodrama.


The video shows St. Vincent in black leather pants dancing in a gay club, surrounded by a crowd of men. The song is a pop jam, with the singer providing some great falsetto in the chorus. The concept of the video is very simple, yet the aesthetic serves some great lightening game.


Check out the music video below:




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