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Don’t you just love living in the modern era with social networking sites on handheld devices in the hands of careless actors who let slip delicious morsels of information that we can dissect. No? Oh okay, move along then. You still here, good. Because boy did Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Donnie Yen let slip a goodie when he posted an image of three Stormtrooper helmets (see below) to his Instagram account (which has since been pulled) along with the caption “I am the force and I fear nothing… Going to put this in my company’s display room“.


At first glance, this is a somewhat insignificant, all be it, harmless picture, given that the middle helmet is the same old Stormtrooper helmet from the original saga. However the two on either side are new incarnations of the menacing looking foot soldiers to the Empire. It would make sense that the Stormtroopers helmets would have gone through iterations of the same design given that Rogue One takes place in between the two Sagas and ‘just’ before A New Hope.


Interestingly enough, it has been noticed that the black design is reminiscent of a Republic Commando from the 2005 game of the same name. This could be an indication that we could see old remnants of the Clone Wars Saga still cropping up in the film, much like the old Pod-racer seen in the background of the Jakku desert in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Of course this picture doesn’t confirm the inclusion of the helmets in the film, but given that Yen did pull the image quickly from Instagram, means that its highly likely we’ll be seeing some new, or would that be old, Stormtroopers in the near future.



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