Stephen Amell To Wrestle As ‘Arrow’ At ‘SummerSlam’ This Sunday | TV News


Well Stardust (Cody Rhodes) you’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? You poked and prodded week after week and you’ve (to steal a common slug-line associated with the Beast Brock Lesnar) gone and “unleashed the Beast” because the ‘Arrow’ is coming for you this Sunday (August 23) at SummerSlam.


For the past month, wrestling fan Stephen Amell has found himself in the centre of a Twitter war with the holder of the cosmic-key, Stardust which blew-up recently on WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw. After weeks of abuse, Amell jumped the barricade, Parkoured himself over the ropes and brought the fight from Twitter and into the square ring with fists flying and a challenged throw down, that was quickly picked up by the Heel wrestler Stardust.


Fans of the Arrow actor have been anticipating his appearance at the “biggest event of the summer” on the wrestling calendar. But this week, Amell finally hinted via a video posted on his Facebook page that it won’t be Amell that shows up at the Pay-per-view event but the Arrow himself. Showing off a familiar pair of green boots and the top half of his Arrow costume, Amell stated that “I hope very much that you recognize these from somewhere. I hope they are good with turnbuckles… and ramps“, before holding up his Hood and a pointed statement aimed towards his opponent, “you didn’t think I was coming without it, did you? See you Sunday“.


With Amell currently filming the fourth season of DC’s popular superhero series Arrow, it looks as if Oliver Queens alter-ego will be showing up this Sunday at SummerSlam’s four hour event. Stardust… You have failed this City.



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