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The Stephen King renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. Since IT became the highest grossing horror film of all time last year, King adaptations have been all the rage, with titles like The Talisman, The Long Walk and The Tommyknockers being commissioned while classic titles like The Stand and Salem’s Lot have new adaptations in the works.


The latest King adaptation is heading to Netflix. The streaming giant, who released an adaptation of one King novella last year, 1922, has now landed another for their service: In The Tall Grass, which King wrote with his son Joe Hill.


The project already has James Marsden in line to star and Vincenzo Natali to direct. Natali broke out in the late 90s with his own horror hit, Cube, before working in TV in recent years, including on Hannibal, Westworld and another King adaptation, The Strain.


Published in 2012, In The Tall Grass revolves around a pair of Irish twins – a brother and a sister – who set off on a cross-country road trip when the sister discovers she’s pregnant. During their trip, they stop outside a field of tall grass and are lured in by a boy crying for help. But once inside the grass, they’re consumed by a fever dream of terrors and aren’t able to escape.


This is the kind of movie Netflix often jumps on: small-ish horrors with a bit of name brand to them. Marsden and Natali have experience working together on Westworld which should help things move along smoothly. It’s not yet known when production on the movie will kick off, but expect it to premiere on Netflix sometime within the next two years.



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