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The Stand -Stephen King


Lines are fast becoming blurred between the world of film and television. Ron Howard’s adaption of Stephen King’s masterpiece saga The Stand (1990) could be precluded with a sophisticated television mini series. According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. and CBS Films are in discussions with Showtime about an eight-part miniseries that will allow the creators to explore the novels story lines in further detail, climaxing with the larger scale feature film.


This could encourage more movie and TV marriages following the progressive relationship between the Marvel universe movies and Agents of Shield series, spearheaded by Joss Whedon. The series may also attract A-list talent after the undisputed success of HBO’s True Detective.


This would not be the first time The Stand has been adapted for TV, a series was also made in 1994 as the book was becoming a cult classic. The book is set in a post apocalyptic earth after the accidental release of a biological weapon. This weaponized disease decimates the population and causes widespread terror and violence. Surviving humans split into groups that symbolize the battle between good and evil.


The Movie will be directed and written by Josh Boone of The Fault In Our Stars fame. It is expected that Stephen King will have some involvement and the film will be produced by Roy Lee and Jimmy Miller. There should be more news next week about the proposed mini series after meetings to finalize details.



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