Steve Coogan & Jeff Pope To Adapt Charles Spencer’s Novel ‘To Catch A King’

Per Deadline, Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope have signed on to adapt To Catch A King: Charles II’s Great Escape, the 2017 novel by Charles Spencer, the younger brother of Princess Diana.

The book recounts the incredible true story of Charles II‘s six weeks on the run throughout England following a failed attempt to lead an army to reclaim his father’s throne. Spencer wrote the novel based on historical archives and the writings of Samuel Pepys, an administrator of the English Navy and Member of Parliament.

While Spencer is likely most well known as Princess Diana‘s brother, he’s had a full career of his own, having worked for years as a journalist, television broadcaster, and author.

Coogan and Pope previously wrote 2013 British drama Philomena together, which earned them an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, and Pope also penned biopic Stan & Ollie, which also starred Coogan. They have also written upcoming drama The Lost King, about a historian trying to find the lost remains of King Richard III, which is due later this year.

There’s no word yet on what sort of tone To Catch A King will have, nor is there any confirmation yet on whether it will be a film or a series. But either way, Coogan and Pope have proven to be a successful duo, and should be able to more than adequately adapt Spencer’s book.

Coogan can next be seen in the upcoming BBC drama The Reckoning, where he will be playing the serial sex offender Jimmy Savile. He’s also co-writing and co-starring in upcoming Channel 4 comedy series Chivalry alongside Sarah Solemani.


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