Steve McQueen To Produce Sci-Fi Series ‘Last Days’ For Amazon | TV News


Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen has signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios, and he is producing a sci-fi series titled Last Days for the streaming service.


The show is described as a gripping sci-fi thriller in which the world’s governments have secretly created a controversial plan to selectively colonise Mars in the wake of a dying Earth and the rise of AI. The series will follow one woman’s journey to explore the truth about where she came from, at the risk of losing everything she knows.


Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke said there’s a twist to the series, adding: “it’s not as dystopian as you’d think”. McQueen said of the project: “I’m thrilled about this new venture and partnership with Amazon. The idea of having a partner that will support and facilitate risk and change is more than exciting”.


This is McQueen’s second project with Amazon. He’s already helped develop the six-part anthology series Small Axe, which stars John Boyega and Letitia Wright. It focuses on the experiences of London’s West Indian community, and will premiere later this year.


McQueen’s involvement in anything is worth getting excited about. He’s one of the best filmmakers working today, having directed films such as Shame, 12 Years A Slave, and Widows. His frequent collaborations with Michael Fassbender – he’s worked with him on three movies – has led to rumours that the actor might be involved in Last Days. There’s nothing concrete to that right now, but we’ll wait and see.


There’s so many shows nowadays that it’s truly hard to keep up. But when someone as talented as McQueen is involved in any capacity, it’s probably worth paying attention to.



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