Steven Spielberg Confirmed To Direct ‘Ready Player One’ | Film News


This is a very busy period for Mr. Spielberg, who having finished up working on Bridge of Spies began on The BFG, and now, he has made another project official in the form of Warner Bros. and Dreamworks picture Ready Player One. He first expressed interest in the project back in March of this year.


Written by Fanboys screenwriter Ernie Cline, Ready Player One follows teenager Wade Watts who likes to escape from reality by logging into Oasis, a global network where users lead idyllic alternate lives. When the owner of Oasis dies, he offers up his fortune which sends Wade on a treasure-hunt styled adventure. The picture’s estimated release in 2017. Until then you can watch Bridge of Spies upon its release on November 27, and The BFG in July next year.



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