Stormzy: #MERKY Billboards Around London Could Mean New Album | Music News


It is no secret that since Stormzy’s arrival on the grime scene he has had a lot going for him; from travelling the world, to winning awards. But it seems that Stormzy has seen the pressures that come with fame with his sudden decision to disappear from Twitter towards the end of 2016. Many of his fans were hopeful that it meant a new project was underway but up until recently this did not appear to be the case.


Despite Stormzy’s success he is yet to put out an album and the fans have been complaining but not to no avail it seems. Although the “Shut Up” star has not yet resurfaced on Twitter; cryptic billboards have been appearing around London in the last few days with Stormzy’s “#Merky” logo.


Speculation suggests possible lyrics to new songs and a release date for the grime star’s highly anticipated first album. The billboards feature the hashtag, “GSAP 24/02”.


The album is definitely a musical compilation I intend to lookout for as Stormzy has made it clear that his forthcoming album will express “an aggy little sh*t with a bone to pick“. He has not been one to shy away from discussing racial injustice in the UK and did not hesitate to speak out about the exclusion of grime at the BRIT Awards.


Considering how much I have enjoyed his previous work, I will definitely be having my eyes and ears peeled back for this project.



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