Stranger Than Strange – Original Pilot Of ‘Stranger Things’ Was Much More Violent | TV News


Remember that incredibly popular series that burst onto Netflix screens last year? That very weird, very violent story about a girl named Eleven with telekinetic powers and a terrifying shadowed creature, named the Demogorgan, that stole children from the street? Yeah, that one.


According to an interview in Vulture, the smash hit show that had us perched on the edge of our sofas, or let’s face it, hiding behind it, Stranger Things had a lot of R rated action going on in its original pilot.


Co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed all :


“The original pilot was much more violent. It was originally like an R-rated thing”.


They later added that they hadn’t thought the show had suffered by toning it down. And judging by its ratings, they weren’t wrong. Stranger Things honored the beautiful notes that are a great attraction of classic Spielberg PG films, like ET.


Though it’s tempting to render it as violent as possible for audiences of today, it’s important not to lose the tenderness with which we identify our heroes and heroines. We need to root for them, and you certainly find yourself doing that for Eleven.


And if they manage to keep that perfect harmony for the heavily anticipated Stranger Things Season 2, it is sure to be an even bigger success than the first.



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