‘Supergirl’ and ‘Flash’ Will Have A Race In Crossover Episode | TV News

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‘Supergirl’ and ‘Flash’ Will Have A Race In Crossover Episode | TV News



The girl who’s faster than a speeding bullet? or the Red Crimson Speedster? Who do you think would win?


It has recently been confirmed that the upcoming crossover featuring both DC superheroes will pay an homage to one of the age old questions in the comic book universe. The comments have come in following the promotional poster to mark the episode, which features both Supergirl and Flash having race around a track.



I can’t wait for you guys to see us race” said Supergirl Melissa Benoist during an interview, expressing the excitement she has for what they have in store for viewers.


The actual question of who is fastest originally came to light between The Flash and Superman’s early days, and though they have tried to answer this question plenty of times, they are always met with interruption. Since then each hero (even other Kryptonians) has had their merit when it comes to speed, but thus far it seems like the Flash pulls quite ahead on television (Time travelling and all).



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