‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Could Introduce Superman | TV News



Who is Supergirl without Superman? Rumours are circulating that season 2 of the show could introduce Kara Zor El’s Kryptonian cousin, despite making a few cameos with his face unseen and no actor revealed. Executive producer Ali Adler commented on the possibility:


“It’s always a conversation,” she told TVLine. “I’ll come back to the answer that this is Supergirl’s show, and it’s her point of view.”


“But he lives in our world, and at some point, we’d definitely like to meet him.”


Adler was also very optimistic about the show being renewed, commenting:


“We heard very positive things, unofficially, from [CBS CEO] Les Moonves,”


“[CBS executives] Glenn Geller and Bridget Wiley – they’ve all been very, very supportive. We’re definitely talking about season two looks like.”



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