‘Supernatural’ Season 9, Episode 17 Extended Preview | TV Trailer

‘Supernatural: Mother’s Little Helper’ Season 9, episode 17


Supernatural have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming episode (Episode 17) of their latest season (Season 9) of the show. The TV show is about two brothers Sam and Dean played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who hunt down demons, ghosts and other supernatural forces.


On the last episode, brothers Sam and Dean are forced to team up with nemesis Crowley. Once their captive, he has made a deal to help the brothers in return for his freedom. For episode 17 titled ‘Mother’s Little Helper’, Dean tries to find the legendary and dangerous weapon called The First Blade. The brothers try to take down Abaddon although their relationship is still strained. The show airs on the CW channel every Tuesday at 9pm.




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