Supreme And Burberry Finally Reveal Their Collaborative Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Supreme and Bluberry have officially announced their Spring/Summer 2022 collaboration! While there have been rumours of a potential collaboration between the two brands since January, when Instagram account Supreme Leaks suggested the idea to its 2.1 million followers, the news was finally confirmed this weekend via rapper A$AP Nast‘s Instagram.

The collection will focus on outerwear, with Burberry’s principle that clothing should serve to protect the wearer from the weather. Adding Supreme’s streetwear DNA, the collection promises to be unprecedented.

Alongside the two-piece worn by A$AP Nast in his Instagram post, we can bet on a co-branded version of Burberry’s iconic trench coat in black and pink, denim trucker jackets with matching straight jeans and down jackets. Also on display will be a selection of fun accessories such as caps, bucket jackets, skate dates and a must-have silk pyjama set.

As a reminder, the House of Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, a 21-year-old former draper’s apprentice. Inspired by local shepherds’ methods of waterproofing their blouses, Burberry invented gabardine, a lightweight but weather-resistant fabric.

Quickly becoming known for their protective properties, natural ventilation and durability, Burberry clothing and accessories were worn by the British armed forces, including the Tielocken coat and its successor the French Coat.

The fashion house then developed its outerwear offering and now creates ready-to-wear and accessories ranges. Celebrating this long history, Supreme is therefore calling on Burberry for a special collection, building on Burberry’s place in modern luxury and its place as the most iconic and enduring British label in history.

This is not the first time the American streetwear brand has paid tribute to Burberry. Twenty-five years ago, Supreme released a Box Logo T-shirt with an iconic tartan pattern. Never released, these rare shirts are highly sought after, some fetching thousands of dollars on resale sites such as Stock X and Grailed.

The collection will be available from today, March 10 across UK, US and European shops, with a later date for the helmets. We expect the collection to be very popular so be sure to get there in time to avoid missing out!

Check out the collection below:


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