Swedish Artist Fricky Returns With New Single ‘DiCaprio’

With roots in Sweden’s vibrant music scene, dominated by hardcore bands and DIY enthusiasts, designer, producer, and artist Erik Friman — better known as Fricky — presents his latest single, “DiCaprio“.

Delving into his creative depths, Erik reimagined himself through the lens of 90’s R&B sensation, Fricky. This persona swap allowed him to depart from his previous rap style, encouraging exploration of more melodic, ethereal sounds.

Assuming this alter ego, Fricky became a vessel for Erik’s innovative musical ideas. His whimsical lyrics and catchy punchlines, featured in his upcoming album Contagious, quickly found an audience.

With a starry-eyed aspiration to become Sweden’s most luminous rising star, Fricky embarked on a daring musical experiment.

His new album showcases his evolution, drawing on influences from drum and bass, indie pop, breaks, and trip-hop. “Horizon Inn” sounds simultaneously reminiscent of the 90s and a sonic leap into the year 2090.

His ceaseless exploration of audiovisual expression continues to push the boundaries, morphing into new, unanticipated territories. Erik Friman, under his dynamic Fricky persona, continues to defy expectations, creating compelling, genre-bending music.

Treat yourself to a sonic journey with Fricky’s latest release, “DiCaprio”. Available for streaming now!


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