Swedish Musician Edgar Homeros Unveils New Single ‘Upset’

Sweden’s burgeoning music scene is set to receive another jolt of energy with the release of Edgar Homeros‘ latest EP, Crying Dove. This sophomore project, comprising the heartfelt single “Upset“, marks a significant milestone in Homeros’ musical journey.

The new single by Edgar Homeros, “Upset,” is a collaboration with hit producer Jake Gosling. With captivating melodies and poignant lyrics, “Upset” offers a deep immersion into the artist’s emotional landscape. This new release promises to be a significant addition to the EP “Crying Dove”, unveiling a more intimate and reflective aspect of the artist.

Reflecting on the genesis of the EP, Homeros shares, “This project holds a special place in my heart. It’s been a year-long endeavor, unlike my previous work, ‘Volatile’, which came together swiftly. While each song wasn’t conceived with a specific theme, as I pieced them together, I realized they form a poignant diary of my experiences growing up in Stockholm, navigating through both jubilant moments and heartaches.”

Crying Dove not only showcases Homeros’ artistic evolution but also signifies his willingness to explore new sonic territories. For the first time, he collaborates with esteemed producers such as Bob Junior (Boy Pablo), Jake Gosling, and Daghem (de clair), a departure from his usual solitary creative process. Homeros expresses his satisfaction with this collaborative approach, hinting at more such ventures in the future.

Scheduled for release on May 24th, the EP launch will be accompanied by a celebratory concert at Stadsgårdsterminalen’s Terrace, adding another chapter to Homeros’ musical journey against the picturesque backdrop of Stockholm.

Homeros’ meteoric rise hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Swedish music scene. Nominated as ‘Artist of the Future’ in Sweden’s prestigious radio station awards, and hailed as “one of the best debutants in recent memory” by eminent music critic Jan Gradvall, Homeros’ eclectic blend of soul, singer-songwriter, and pop elements has invigorated the Swedish music landscape.

As “Upset” resonates with audiences, it serves as a testament to Homeros’ artistic prowess and his unwavering commitment

Listen to “Upset” below!


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