Gabriella Zauna Releases New Dark Pop Single ‘Traffic’

Gabriella Zauna has just released her new single “Traffic,” a dark pop song that stands out for its unique sound and emotional depth. The track explores the urge to give in to desire, even when the timing is wrong. It is now available for streaming and download on all platforms worldwide.

“Traffic” opens with ethereal vocals and quickly introduces a drum beat and electric guitar. The song combines different sounds, creating a feeling of tension and impulsivity. The floaty vocal runs throughout the melody almost put listeners in a trance. The electric guitar outro fades into silence, leaving a sense of release and conclusion.

Zauna’s new song touches on the taboo of intimacy in unconventional settings, like being intimate while stuck in traffic. This context pulls the audience in, making them feel real emotions through the lyrics and instrumentals.

Zauna wrote “Traffic” herself, while she also produced the track. The song blends rock, pop, and electronic influences, showcasing Zauna’s ability to create something new and different. This single highlights her talent for making music that is both unique and relatable.

Originally from Manhattan Beach, CA, Gabriella Zauna grew up surrounded by music. Her father was part of a punk band, and she started writing songs at the age of seven. Music became an outlet for her as she struggled with mental health issues.

Influenced by artists like Lana Del Rey, Matty Healy, and Prince, Zauna aims to create music that is authentic and resonates with her listeners. She has received support from outlets like Buzz Music, Happy Mag, and We Talk About Music.

“Traffic” showcases Gabriella Zauna’s unique sound and her ability to create impactful music. “I wanted to capture the excitement of doing something wrong,” Zauna said about the song. The lyrics and instrumentals work together to draw the listener into the experience.

With its dark pop vibe and strong lyrics, “Traffic” is a powerful addition to Zauna’s discography. Fans can stream the single on all platforms now.

Listen to “Traffic” below!


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