Swedish Musician Otis Kerp Returns With New Single ‘Someday’

Swedish artist Otis Kerp, formerly known as Stiko Per Larsson, is charting a new course in his impressive 15-year music career with the release of his latest single, “Someday.” This lively folk rock track is released under the Miracle Shoes/Aloaded label and follows the success of his debut single “Traveling Time,” which marked his transition to singing in English and captured new fans across multiple countries.

“Someday,” distinct in its energetic and upbeat style, contrasts sharply with the mellow and dramatic tones of “Traveling Time,” a song that paid homage to Otis’ decade-long journey of walking tours. This new release symbolizes a fresh start for Otis, shaking off the dust from his old walking shoes and stepping boldly into a new phase of his musical journey.

With eight albums already to his name in his native Swedish language, Otis Kerp has garnered over 15 million streams. His decision to pivot towards singing in English and rebranding himself is part of his strategic move to make a significant impact on the international music scene, particularly in the folk, country, and Americana genres.

“Someday” is more than just a folk rock track; it addresses the modern struggle with the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Otis Kerp offers a simple yet profound piece of advice in his music: to focus on one’s own journey rather than getting caught up in others’ successes, reminding listeners that people often show only a part of their story.

Fans of Otis Kerp can also look forward to his third single “Sky Full of Rockets,” which is a winning song in the prestigious ISC 2022 songwriter competition, slated for release in April.

Additionally, Otis includes a special treat in this release, a B-side live studio version of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery,” adding another layer to his already diverse musical repertoire.

“Someday” is now available for listening on all major music streaming platforms, marking another milestone in Otis Kerp’s evolving musical adventure and setting the stage for his full album release in 2024.

Listen to “Someday” below!


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