Beren Olivia Shares Powerful Exploration Of Mental Health On ‘Wake Me Up’

Beren Olivia, a resilient British singer-songwriter, has reemerged with her new track “Wake Me Up”, ready to share a deeply personal narrative through her upcoming EP.

Almost a therapy, “Wake Me Up” is an emotional release to scream your heart out over. More than that, it is an invitation to the artist’s introspective musical journey through depression. This alternative pop-rock song not only entertains but also provides support and understanding as we listen to it. 

If we pay close attention to the powerful vocals and lyrics, we can feel a genuine connection between ourselves and Olivia, allowing us to comfort ourselves in her company to the rhythm of the guitar and drums.

At 22, Olivia Beren has evolved from her earlier successes into a powerful artist, with a newfound strength and clarity in her lyrical approach. Beren’s journey, marked by self-discovery, musical prowess, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, has led her to create a collection of five compelling tracks that explore themes of mental health, self-sabotage, and resilience. 

Beren’s musical evolution is evident in her latest EP, where she takes an honest and direct approach to address personal struggles. The record delves into uncharted territory, featuring rock-leaning anthems reminiscent of Halsey and Kings Of Leon. The tracks, including the surging “Wake Me Up” and the grungy “Drown It In Grey,” reflect Beren’s courage to confront issues like depression and self-doubt.

Not only a singer but also a voice, Beren sees her music as a powerful tool to address mental health openly. With the EP, she aims to provide an outlet for others, encouraging conversations around mental well-being. The artist aspires to be a friend and advocate for mental health, leveraging her own struggles to make a positive impact on the world.

Meanwhile, as we await the release of her full EP, you can now enjoy “Wake Me Up” on all streaming platforms!

Listen to “Wake Me Up” below!


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