Swedish Neo-Soul Band Martinas Mixtape Release New Single ‘Old School Love’ | Music News


Swedish neo-soul and R&B band Martinas Mixtape have released the first single (August 21) from their long-awaited upcoming debut EP titled Roses On The Moon. The song is called “Old School Love” and it was recorded in the band’s home studio.


Self produced and mixed, the track is characterised by the band’s typical neo-soul style and even though it contains a hip-hop sound, that influence is not equally strong for the rest of the tracks on the EP.


“Old School Love” is one of the first songs the band wrote together and, apparently, they had a love-hate relationship with it ever since they put it together in a jam session in February, as they said.


Before coming up with the final version of the single, they changed it very often as a result of playing it live in different versions, which made the song’s sound undergo an experimental and exploratory recording process.


Martina, the lead singer of the band, initially came up with the lyrics for the song, which she wrote “in her car waiting for a friend and says that the story this song tells came very naturally to her and the words just fell in place as she wrote it“, according to her band members Edvin, Kalle, Joel and Pontus.


She then brought the text to them to put it together with the right production and mix, until it arrived to be the fresh sound we hear now.


“The story portrays the little details in how you act around someone when you’re in that wholesome kind of love you almost only see in old movies”, Martina said about “Old School Love”, confirming the band’s personal involvement and direct emotions that end up in their songwriting process.


Needless to say, we’re all excited to hear the whole 6-track project, luckily it is set to be released at the end of September. Listen to “Old School Love” below in the meantime.




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