PANGAIA And Jaden Smith Collaborate For New Environmentally Friendly Capsule Collection | Fashion News


PANGAIA has joined forces with JUST, Jaden Smith’s water company on a new minimal apparel collection and environmentally conscious line, which was created and designed using a recycled water system and environmentally friendly dyes.


The young Jaden also requested that the proceeds from the collection went to the #TogetherFund x WJSFF, a global fundraising campaign to support racial justice work and global COVID-19 relief work.


The main color of the collection is bright blue and it is indeed called “Just Blue” and it includes iconic PANGAIA pieces such as T-shirts made from seaweed fibers and lightweight cotton hoodies, track pants and both long and short shorts.


The collection is also available for kids sizes. The brand is printed in a white color to contrast the light blue. The price ranges go from from $75 to $150 for adults and from $35 to $95 for kids.


About PANGAIA and JUST working together, the two companies had already partnered once this year to produce 10,000 surgical masks to Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, N.Y. and they believe that “this new collaboration will take the partnership to the next level“, as they said in an interview with WWD.


In the same interview, Smith said about the project that “the relationship developed through shared values and a similar mission around sustainability and ‘doing better’ in each of our respective spaces which closely intersect around responsible water-use and climate.


This next step of creating a product collaboration between us is a natural progression to give more for our supporters and do it in the most responsible way”.




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