Swiss Artist Frank Widmer Releases New Single ‘Life Is The Time’

Swiss artist Frank Widmer unveils his latest track, “Life Is The Time,” a piece that transcends the conventions of mainstream pop with its sophisticated harmonies and melodies, reminiscent of the golden era of the ’60s and ’70s. Unlike simplistic compositions, “Life Is The Time” serves as a testament to the harmonic and melodic richness that Frank Widmer brings to his music.

The track transports the listener into a psychedelic atmosphere, evoking elements of both the Beach Boys and Animal Collective. The retro touch adds a timeless quality to the song, complemented by a music video as suggestive as the music itself.

From the opening chords, a rich and elaborate melody envelops the listener, with each note seemingly telling its own story while harmoniously fitting into an enjoyable whole. Widmer’s voice, powerful yet delicate, adds exuberance to the captivating sound of the song.

Frank Widmer, a seasoned singer, songwriter, and guitarist, released his debut single “Such A Long Time For A Short Time” in 2021, promising more creations to come. Influenced by the creative and captivating pop songs of the ’60s and ’70s, Widmer distinguishes himself from basic three to eight-chord compositions by incorporating a wide range of chords, slash chords, and voicings, giving his music a distinctive flair.’

Widmer’s lyrics explore the complexity of being free without being alone, emphasizing the importance of a unifying truth to address contemporary world issues. Born in Switzerland, Frank began his musical journey at the age of 14, exploring various styles from indie pop to classic jazz, from singer-songwriter to space rock.

With “Life Is The Time,” Frank Widmer delivers a captivating musical experience, combining classic pop compositions, infectious melodies, and carefully crafted harmonies. Stay tuned for more innovative creations from this talented artist.

Listen to “Life Is The Time” below!


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