Swiss Singer And Lyricist Lia Nxieta Unveils New Single ‘Good Boy’

Swiss singer and lyricist Lia Nxieta has released a brand new song titled “Good Boy“. She expresses herself in her lyrics, sharing her intimate body-to body experiences. Her vocals bring a contrast, being soft and clear that are accompanied by clean harmonies and invites the listener to melt into the song with her.

This track brings a sexy R&B feel that is spiced up with catchy melodies, an amazing bridge and buttery verses that seduce the listener and give a taste of the talent that this artist gives to the world. There’s also a music video that her and her team have been teasing on social media. They promised that it’s going to be the biggest audio-visual project from Lia Nxieta.

The artist was born in a small village in Switzerland and she battled with her anxiety since early on. She produced her songs in her teenage bedroom and posted the self-mixed and self-mastered songs into Soundcloud. Having her voice getting recognition, she started to perform in various venues in her hometown Bern with her band “Tristan & Dolores”.

It was only in January of 2021 that her official solo career began and she got to be known for her female-power-pop songs “Fantasy” and “Sixty Seconds”. With the release of her third single “Good Boy”, she gets more ready to conquer the world and leave a positive mark on her audience.

Listen to “Good Boy” here:


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