Swiss-Based Singer And Songwriter I Used To Be Sam Unveils New ‘Gentle’ Music Video

Swiss-based singer and songwriter Annie Goodchild aka I Used To Be Sam has released a new single titled “Gentle”, which is the lead single and title track for her upcoming EP of the same name.

The EP is said to be an explorative new collection of cinematic, left-field pop from Goodchild, with the lead single “Gentle” also coming with a huanting new music video that accompanies the single.

“Gentle” will be the first release from Annie Goodchild under their new creative moniker I Used To Be Sam. Their new name was birthed after taking an ancestry DNA test that revealed that before being adopted, she used to be named Samantha.

Raised in Boston, Goodchild grew up singing in gospel choirs and listening to ’90s hip-hop and R&B, with inspiration from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin. When she was 18, she formed the eclectic band Melou and got to tour Europe and America for five years.

They launched their solo career six years ago with their debut EP A Random Physical Sensation, and with the change of their name to I Used To Be Sam, they are set to release their new EP later on this year, backed by lead single “Gentle”.

With this new music, Goodchild aims to use it as a vessel to bring people with shared experiences together and open up the narrative around transracial adoption. “Gentle” sees Goodchild making the bravest, freest and most confronting music of their career.

Describing the song, their press release says, “the track soars and skitters with crisp beats, sampled bodily sounds retooled as percussion, and cyclical snippets of recorded vocals that bring a melodic pulse; their voice wavering and roaring with a rawness that comes straight from the pit of their stomach. The songwriting is every bit as experimental as the journey that they went on while writing their most ambitious and honest release yet“.

Watch the video for “Gentle” below:


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