Swiss Songwriter Mary Middlefield Shares New Single ‘Heart’s Desire’

Mary Middlefield, a swiss songwriter show introspectiveness and vulnerabilty with a brand new single titled “Heart’s Desire“.

While bringing soft, ghostly vocals and emotive cinematic instrumentation, the single, tackles a delicate subject of child abuse and conscious love towards a manipulative person older than oneself.

In fact, through this title, Mary highlights the fact that young women are often preyed on by people who have authority and who not only use toxic methods to achieve the results they want, but also project their desires, whether sexual, professional, or both.

As a 22-year-old former classical violin student, Mary Middlefield now uses drama, desire and vulnerability to explore a complex world where love and abuse collide.

Her songs, both spacious and conscious, move between pop-punk intensity and folky sweetness, drawing inspiration from classic artists such as Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley, while also being influenced by contemporary artists like Claud, Jockstrap and The Japanese House.

Three years ago, her journey as a singer-songwriter began amidst heartbreak and disappointment. “He dumped me in the middle of the day while I was carrying his groceries” she recounts. With little to lose, she decided it was the ideal moment to explore. She grabbed a guitar, learning chords and riffs from Radiohead’s repertoire.

I hope I’ll get their discography down to a T one day” she muses. Step by step, note by note, she began piecing herself back together, transforming her pain into creative energy, strengthening herself in the process. Through music, she gradually reclaimed all she had lost in that relationship and its aftermath.

As Mary Middlefield continues to navigate the depths of human emotion with her artistry, audiences are encouraged to stay tuned for more evocative releases that speak to the universal journey of healing and resilience.

Listen to Mary Middlefield’s “Heart’s Desire” below!


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