Symbolic First Poster For Michael Keaton’s McDonald’s Biopic ‘The Founder’| Film News



The first poster for John Lee Hancock‘s new film features Michael Keaton‘s ruthless protagonist Ray Kroc up front and center, amidst McDonald’s iconic logo, which dominates the poster sheet in the all too familiar red and yellow colour palette.


The film, expected to arrive just in time for the awards season, focuses on Kroc’s quest to revolutionize the food industry… and it all starts with the local fast food shop owned by Dick and Mac McDonald.


Michael Keaton takes on the lead, playing the calculating salesman Ray Kroc, while Nick Offerman and John Caroll Lynch are set to play the McDonald siblings, Dick and Mack, respectively. The cast also includes Laura Dern as Kroc’s wife, Ethel, B.J. Novak and Patrick Wilson among others.


The Founder is rumoured to be in the same vein as The Social Network and There Will Be Blood, which means that it will be not only a potential Academy Awards nominee but also a crowd-pleaser. It is based on Robert D. Siegel‘s script, which made it to the 2014 Black List selection.


It was picked up from there by The Weinstein Company and the film, which is currently in post-production, is expected to hot theaters in August.



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