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TV Spot For ‘Bourne 5’ Revealed | Film News

  The Superbowl: the culmination of the NFL season and virtually a national holiday for Americans; a baffling phenomenon for Brits where men wearing far too much protective gear proceed to dog-pile with no obvious objective and shout nonsensical phrases at each other. Yet we celebrate it. Probably because the youth of today will pretend they care about anything if[…]

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’24’ Set To Return | TV News

  There’s just one snag though: there’ll be no Jack Bauer. The hugely popular and thrilling TV series 24 ran from 2001 until 2010 with 8 seasons. It then returned in 2014 with a 12 episode mini-series: 24: Live Another Day. All throughout its run as the longest-running espionage drama ever, its protagonist, Jack Bauer, was the man that held the show[…]

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