US President Joe Biden Reopens ObamaCare For Special COVID-19 Coverage | Politics


One of US President Joe Biden’s priorities and promises was to change America’s healthcare, with healthcare continuing to be a big problem in America. People don’t have enough resources to get the care they need, and in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a good health coverage is essential.


Sadly, because healthcare is so expensive in America and not covered by most companies, people who have unfortunately lost their jobs or just didn’t have enough money to pay all the bills, are left without any sort of healthcare.


That is one of the many reasons why Joe Biden has decided to open Obamacare again from February, but for a certain limit of time. This isn’t the only thing that he is changing from what Trump’s administration had been doing. Joe Biden’s administration is also removing restriction on abortion and family planning services.


After four years of stress and insecurity, Biden’s administration will be reopening insurance enrollment from February 15 through to May 15, and this will be giving new coverage opportunity to Americans who lost their jobs during the pandemic, this enrollment reportedly ended in most states in December.


Obamacare has been insuring healthcare for over 23 million people over the years, and for the new President, it is also a personal project, because he was with Obama when this first started and now it looks like he can reverse any perceived damage done by Trump’s administration, now making sure that people get the healthcare they deseerve.




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