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Season 6 Trailer Of ‘The 100’ Reveals A New World & New Fight For Survival | TV Trailer

  The season six trailer of The 100 has now dropped after The CW released an extended look at the forthcoming post-apocalyptic teen drama series. Last season ended with a series-altering finale that marked the end of “Book One” and set the stage for a whole new world in Season 6, literally.   With Earth fully uninhabitable thanks to the general terribleness[…]

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Clarke Joins The Grounders In ‘The 100’ Season 3? | TV News

  By the time season 2 of CW’s The 100 ended, our hero Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) had suffered irreversible loss, unimaginable betrayal and had made devastating decisions that left her a hollow-husk of her former self. Not even reuniting her lost comrades from Mount Weather with Camp Jaha could undo the damage she had done to her own mental[…]

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