Clarke Joins The Grounders In ‘The 100’ Season 3? | TV News

Eliza Taylor


By the time season 2 of CW’s The 100 ended, our hero Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) had suffered irreversible loss, unimaginable betrayal and had made devastating decisions that left her a hollow-husk of her former self. Not even reuniting her lost comrades from Mount Weather with Camp Jaha could undo the damage she had done to her own mental state, resulting in her abandoning her people and heading off into the distant wilderness.


Since the finale earlier this year, fans have been eager to find out what has happened to the fiercely popular character but now, thanks to a on set photo released by producer Jason Rothenberg, we may get an idea of where Clarke has been all this time. Other than sporting a drastic new look for her character, fans will wonder if she has joined another tribe of ‘Grounders’ given how similar she looks to the waring tribes in the series.


With news that Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives) will be joining season 3 as Queen Nia of the Ice Nation and Black Sails‘ Zach McGowan as a rogue Grounder warrior named Roan. It could be reasonable to suggest that we may be introduced to one or both these characters through Clarke’s solo journey into the unknown. Gothenburg accompanied his Tweet with a tantalising, “You guys aren’t ready. 2016 isn’t THAT far away“.



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