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Marion Cotillard Returns From The Dead In ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ | Film Trailer

  “You don’t exist anymore!”   Sylvia, accustomed to dating married men, meets Ismael, a single filmmaker still mourning his late wife. Not off to a promising start and yet a romance emerges. That is, until his wife, Carlotta, returns from the dead, after 21 years.   Ismael’s Ghosts is Arnaud Desplechin‘s return to Cannes and will open the festival[…]

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Guy Maddin Debuts Bizzare Trailer For ‘The Forbidden Room’ | Film Trailer

  However you feel about idiosyncratic Canadian director Guy Maddin’s expansive oeuvre; you cannot deny the haunting effect of his singularly surreal aesthetic. Maddin’s films appear as relics of early cinema; lost and eroded in the passing of time, only to resurface in the present; their meanings dissolving into abstraction.   Like many of Maddin’s previous films (My Winnipeg, The Saddest Music In The[…]

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