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Latest Trailer For ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ | Film Trailer

  Neil DeGrasse Tyson provides the opening narration in the latest trailer for DreamWorks’ upcoming Ice Age: Collision Course movie.   The fifth film in the Ice Age franchise, the events of Collision Course  are set in motion by Scrat, who in his epic pursuit of his cherished acorn, accidentally triggers a series of cosmic events, the results of which force Manny (Ray[…]

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Rapper B.o.B Believes The Earth Is Flat | Music News

  Rapper Bobby Simmons, a.k.a B.o.B has taken to Twitter to post a bizarre series of messages in which he ascribes to the flat earth theory. This is despite thousands of people arguing otherwise, including eminent astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson – who accused Simmons of being “five centuries regressed in [his] reasoning“.   Among the musicians Tweets were “A lot[…]

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‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ Official Trailer Released | Film Trailer

  It’s snow joke. The first trailer for Blue Sky Studios‘ upcoming frozen feature Ice Age: Collision Course has been released and centres around everyone’s favourite animated squirrel – Scrat. Set for release in 2016, the film will act as a sequel to 2012’s Ice Age: Continental Drift and is the fifth installment of the popular 3D computer-animated series.   The movie[…]

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